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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lively Bookends

  While taking a journey through cyber space this morning as I was researching information on the Coastal Style of Decorating for my GET THE LOOK Series, I landed on a page from where this picture of “lively” bookends” caught my eye.  For goldfish or tropical fish fans, this is a really cool idea.  My idea of the best way to enjoy fish is sitting at the sushi bar, and I certainly don’t have any interest in feeding any more critters than I’m already committed to.  Balking at the $59 price tag as well, my mind was captured with thoughts and ideas as to how I could get this look by making my own.  

In a whirlwind of brainstorming, I’m asking myself… What else could I fill the clear jars with and where in the world would I find flat-sided jars?  After doing more on-line research, Target and Pottery Barn have square shaped clear vases.  Other options would be to use antique glass bottles or if you’re patient enough, wait until the garage and estate sales start up again in the Spring.  I’m not that patient, however. 

Options for filling would be sand and a few shells for a Coastal look, clear glass marbles with candles, potpourri, or partially filled with river rock for a neutral, natural look as shown above.  The possibilities are endless.  Let me know what ideas you’ve come up with!  

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